Xtreme Dynamics Inc – “Her point of view” by Bhavna Sharma

By Savio Tavadia / March 7, 2019

Bhavna Sharma, Mrs India Universe Runner up 2018 is no stranger to the glamour industry. With her podium finish in Sri Lanka last year, she indeed has taken her passion to the next level. Currently, she is a mentor to budding pageant participants. A mother of two, she has spent most of her life maintaining a harmonic balance between being a home maker and a  working professional with an MNC in Pune. In 2016, Bhavna purchased her first 200 cc motorcycle. A Golden Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 and ever since her first ride there was no looking back for this motorcyclist mom. Today she talks about the Xtreme Dynamics Inc review.

“Safety is sexy” is one of the many metaphors of the motorcycling commune across the globe. Adding to this her personal rendition of style when she wanted to upgrade from the “commuter class” safety wear. While she did shop around for options she finalized Xtreme Dynamics Inc. It is commonplace for a motorcyclist irrespective of gender to opt for gear to their comfort. Of not necessarily one company, yes there are riders who prefer a single brand.

When asked, Bhavna said, “Yes there were brands that had the same safety standards as XDI at the time of purchase. However they stood out for lack of being tacky or flamboyant. XDI, I could connect with because of its no-nonsense design and classy accents. Be it the jacket or the riding boots for that matter, they both have a scent of “me” in them and hence the connection. “

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review

Here is Bhavna Sharma’s review

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review – XDI Racespec Boot

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review


The XDI race boot is a beautiful piece of riding gear. Everything from the sophisticated looks to the functional features has been crafted keeping the riders comfort in mind. The synthetic leather along with the waterproof coating and race spec protectors makes sure you can use it all around the year and in any terrain.

Since I have picked up a white and orange combination boots, which matches my XDI jacket. And of course, it also matches my Monster, a 2017 KTM Duke 390 (bought this year) too so it really looks sexy and sets some fashion goals for all riders.

It comes with:

  • Waterproof exterior
  • Metal sliders
  •  Gear shift panel
  • Molded TPU Protectors on ankle & heels
  • Anti-skid sole – which gives great grip & ride control

It also has Velcro closure with zippers, which helps fit in your feet perfectly.

Price wise I feel for an Ankle length boots it’s not that high compared to other brands.


Being a Female rider, I feel its bit heavy for me but I am sure male riders may not feel the same.

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review – XDI X1 HYDRASEAL Jacket

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review

Pros :

I don’t think you’ll find a better jacket for just 8000 Rupees. I’m 5’6″ and got M size (white-orange color) jacket, it fits perfect. Waterproof liner is also of very good quality. As after almost 200km ride in heavy rain, I was hardly wet from inside. Finally, the jacket is fantastic for riding in all seasons. Extremely comfortable, the jacket looks great and it shows the extra attention to the details from XDI.

It comes with 3 Season Liners Thermal, Detachable and waterproof. It has nice reflective prints and strips. They look chic at night /in Dark along with Adjustable waist strap, removable armors which is dual density armor and internal Hydra seal pockets.

Cons: Nothing negative to speak about.

All in all a very great product and I am super happy with the Jacket & Shoes . It’s been 14 yrs I’m riding a geared bike and coming from fashion background I feel it’s just a very stylish brand which comes with best of quality and look.

To conclude and summarize the review

Bhavna Sharma is extremely happy with her choice. This, even though the current generation riding apparel offers “Level 2” protection. She also extends her thanks to Probiker Helmets and accessories for their time and patience during purchasing process of both the products. Last but not the least through this review Bhavna also extends her appreciation to Xtreme Dynamics Inc. – the manufacturer for these safe yet stylish riding gears.

To connect with Bhavna Sharma click here

Xtreme Dynamics Inc review

Axor Stealth Helmet – Long term review

By Savio Tavadia / February 8, 2019

AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet

The recent helmet rule imposition in the city of Pune turned the city into frenzy of sorts. The erstwhile Motorcycle accessories shop now primarily a “helmet shop’. Nevertheless the decade old Probiker Helmets in Pune is still revving it up giving competition a run for its money. I bought a Vega Cara helmet exactly 71 months to this day! Through this helmet I saw my way into the motorcycling community. The very first group ride saw the fog of Lonavala after heading through the hot confines of the city. Today we look at the latest acquisition – Axor Stealth Crazy Helmet.

The journey through those winding roads led me across different places and in different weather conditions. If there was one accessory I ever cherished that is the helmet. Not just any helmet but one that fit well and gave of a scent of security.

Till date the brands used so far:

While I would still vote for the Vega Cara, it by far in today’s times is apt for city use on motorcycles no more than 200cc. The overall favorite on long tours is the SOL SF1. A brand favorite of tourers from one of the motorcycling fraternities, The SOL SF1 offered not only overall comfort but also a UV 400 dark inner visor that cut the heat out of the merciless sun. The rear leds came as a bonus.

The dark horse of the lot was the Axor helmet. For just 3500/- if offered the comfort of a “premium” helmet sans the double D ring retainer belt.The Axor saw its way through 2 replacement visors and etched itself in my memory forever. it offered high speed comfort while offering low budget maintenance costs. When Axor launched its premium offering, it was next on my list. The AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet came in a few phone calls and emails later.

Yes, this review would be incomplete should I miss out on the team coordinating this acquisition at Axor Helmets. Your gesture is much appreciated. Unlike most bloggers, Vloggers and motorcyclists who are part of this activity, I decided to take a different approach. The first Axor had wowed me and felt a month old even after a year and half of almost daily usage. Rain, shine or cold it stood the sands of time.

Look and feel

Going by that I opted in for the AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet after much deliberation. The decision to buy the helmet worked. Purely on looks I recall at least 5 fellow riders who bought the same model. Albeit in different color schemes. No I did not MARKET or up sell directly. It presence did the magic. Needles to say 14 months later the AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet still feels a month old with on signs of fading on the exterior or interior. The cushion quality is probably one of the best in the business. Given that holds up as good as new even wearing as daily commute helmet.

Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet

Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet


The helmet easily houses most of the available helmet communication systems without a fuss. The visor cleans up easily too. The added plus in this helmet is the availability of a dark inner visor. The standard Dark Visor is  just appropriate to see you all the way to the sunset. The belt holds its on and the helmet is an excellent choice for track use.

Technical details – The fine print 

At this point of time, the AXOR STEALTH Crazy Dull Black Orange Helmet has paved way for the Apex range which similarities with it at the outset. The Apex does have its own character indeed. For a list if the finer bits click here to know more..

Room for improvement?

The Dynamics of the word always has room for more and there is but only one issue. There is a lot of turbulence from the helmet .

Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet - Long term review

Axor Stealth Crazy Full Face Helmet

Invictus Touring Gears Tactical (Manas) Tailbag short term review

Manas Tailbag short term review

In last five years the motorcycling revolution has evolved in the country. A leisure pursuit by a handful of people in various pockets today is a hobby for a much larger bunch. From scooters to superbikes a lot of folks are joining the bandwagon. Not just Motorsports or endurance riding, today travelling on a motorcycle has a larger audience. That number on a scooter is gradually growing.

Initially luggage for travel was the standard bags and suitcases retro-fitted to the two wheeler. Today with the growing popularity there are a number of brands based in the country who are catering to the needs of “Travel Solution”. One such brand is Pune based Invictus Touring Gears.


Starting up in the year 1935 Sathe Gadikarkhana, today is  household name in Pune city. Taking the torch forward was another brand – Manas Adventure Gears. The brand was focused on Backpacks for trekking and mountaineering and did quite well too. Fast forward to 2017, through a common friend I was introduced to a young entrepreneur. At this time he was involved in developing a saddlebag that aspired to be as tough as a pannier. Cut to present day Invictus Touring Gears has evolved.

Manas Tailbag – 1st impressions

The Manas tailbag in its current iteration is known as the Invictus Touring Gears Tactical tailbag. The variant under review is the 1st edition “Manas Tailbag”. The tailbag came with battle scars. Very few manufacturers voluntarily prompt you to conduct rugged tests.

“Returning a battle scarred product would aid quality control and future development!”.

I’m like asking myself is he high on something or am I? I picked up the bag and headed out after exchanging pleasantries . After the “Biryani Bag”, I wondered how I could possibly connect with this bag? One day on an errand the idea kicked in. Laxmianarayan Chiwda, a Pune based brand has been a favorite in the family for over a decade or so with  kilos being purchased every so often. Taking a cue from this I dubbed it the Chiwda bag. The common connection being that both have origins in the old city area of Pune.


  • Can this accommodate a full face helmet? Yes
  • The bag also fits in a riding jacket, full gauntlet gloves and can pack in clothes for a long weekend trip too
  • A DSLR and laptop too fit in securely
  • Also, it easily packs in groceries and makes a formidable companion to the malls too
  • Spare parts/lubes upto 5-10 kgs are held with ease

Touring friendly

Whether you are a novice traveler or a been everywhere, The Manas tailbag is for everyone. Its current version offered 6 fasteners to securely bolt on. It is also bungee cord friendly for those who want to tie it down. The bag comes with dedicated straps for use as a backpack. The current is version has a blacked out pocket. The transparent pocket has given way to the new textile pocket. Option to choose colors at select vendors. A rain cover is a standard add on.

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Look and feel

The Manas Tailbag is “boxy” at first glance. The Rigid walls keep the bag from caving in. The interiors are well padded. Industry standard zippers are promising. The bag is BULGE FREE. The fasteners and buckle are of good quality. They hold the fort on long hauls. The dull looking piping is a looker at nights. It adds to the subtle factor in the day. It lights up well in the night. The inner lining has a premium feel. The stitching on the interiors are almost invisible. At first glance the inside feels like a DSLR bag. The bag has a handle  as well.


  1. The Manas Tailbag is hyper-versatile
  2. The dedicated backpack strap is a boon
  3. The Velcro strip in between is a great idea but attaching it back needs some practice
  4. Gauntlet gloves and spare city gloves easily fit in the outer lower pocket
  5. The inner net pocket holds paperwork as well as smaller items like SD cards etc.
  6. The North pocket is  good place to store charger cable etc, since it up in the vertical position
  7. On the other hand, the South pocket is good for energy bars etc.
  8. The padding is indeed confidence inspiring
  9. Expansion / compression executable ”on the fly”
  10. It is pillion rider friendly, no more fatigue
  11. Comfortably sits on backrests, carriers and topracks in backpack mode
  12. Boardroom to resort room it goes anywhere

The current version is on sale for 3500/-. First made in India tail bag to offer a first aid kit

There were some inputs shared in discussion. As explained certain aspects are purely design elements. these elements add to the frugality of the product. Some details are in discussion for improvement. All in all it impressed me enough to order one for myself!

The current version is on sale for 3500/-

First Made In India tail bag to offer a first aid kit.

Please find below photos of the Invictus Touring Gears Tactical Tailbag for your reference:

Photos Courtesy: Nikhil Sood


Orazo motorcycling boots – long term review of Orazo PICUS VWR

By Savio Tavadia / February 3, 2019

Orazo motorcycling boots long term review – 5 star rating anyone??


Orazo motorcycling boots
The Orazo motorcycling boots review started when I visited them at the time of Auto Expo 2018. I started off the The review by literally walking away wearing them from the manufacturing unit. As amusing it may sound, they are as much comfortable  put them on in January 2018. Getting to the Expo wasn’t much, however add 10 kilos worth of luggage in your backpack and spend a good 8 hours. Be it walking, posing for photos or taking photos for that matter, the boots started to sink in! Lets begin with the Orazo motorcycling boots review-

Orazo motorcycling boots review

Orazo PICUS -VELCRO (VWR) sank

Yes, it sank deep enough to come up with the nick name “Lamborghini Urus” of Riding boots. A basketball shoe from the interior comfort with the ruggedness of a battle tank!

Look and feel:

The Orazo boot comes with an industrial grade sole and a steel toe. The boot comes with inner leather pinning’s that are meant to keep water out. The two step Velcro fasteners provide for quick access while the emblems are embedded with ankle protection. Yes this is water resistant, no it is not 100% waterproof and it still drys pretty fast. Avoid drying in direct sunlight.

Orazo motorcycling boots review – Interiors:

The Orazo motorcycling boots has a standard level of cushioning with anti-fungal properties. Adding to this a comfortable in-sole that is well cushioned. The ankle protectors along with the 8 inch height add to the feel of a basketball shoe. The steel toe is sturdy enough to keep the shoe going. On one odd occasion in a narrow by-lane a Piaggio three wheeler’s rear tire went over my foot and it felt like a hard pinch. Apart from that no bruises or fractures.

Orazo motorcycling boots review – Wearability:

The Orazo motorcycling boots review began at the recently held Auto Expo 2018 with a maximum use time of 18 hours without taking them off and in the ever-changing weather of Delhi. The bulky exterior kept me shy of leaning in while aiding off-roading with ease. Off-track the shoes make a good pair for daily use as well as “let ride out” sudden plans.

The Orazo motorcycling boots review has come after seeing three seasons of weather. I washed them in the monsoons, polished and buffed them otherwise. At every buff it shone. Worn average 12 hours a day without fatigue. Suffice to say “Keep them on” is the best compliment to offer in this department. Be it to work, an outing with friends or a ride to Timbuktu, these boots not only take you there… They can trek, Salsa and even play basketball or any outdoor sports. Broken down vehicle needs that extra push, dig the heels in.

Orazo motorcycling boots

Orazo motorcycling boots review – What Could be better?

There is  a lot that can be done and in discussion with the team I was surprised to know the ideas it had already received. However, there is no dearth of designs that can satiate the Indian palette  at the current costs. The recent price revision made these boots accessible to a higher number of motorcyclists who would otherwise spend on trekking shoes to get comfort and safety. branded sneakers bought for a little under 3500/- are worn for extra comfort sans the safety.

Orazo motorcycling boots review

While atop the Wheelie machine, one has to maintain perfect posture to get that look and they felt completely at home!

Orazo motorcycling boots review – A Paid Endorsement?
  • Given the heavy duty use not limited to riding a motorcycling, the safety shoes wore out in 8 months.
  • The custom boots needed regular maintenance
  • The riding boots are track specific, although can make for tours and rides, but has limited walking or running abilities
  • All this praise and you are wondering if this is a paid review to boost the brand, NO!

These shoes have survived a year worth of carnage thrown at it and still look like it can go for another.  However as an agreed no that they have survived a year and counting I would give these boots a 5 star rating, I will re-visit this post 6 months from now.

Want to check them out? If you are in Pune, you can visit Probiker  Helmets on MG Road and Wildfire in Mumbai. The address to the dealers are as under:

WILDIRE Biking & Adventure Gear

Shop No. 4, Shivam CHS, Link Road,

Next to KTM Showroom, Shastri Nagar,

Goregaon West, Mumbai – 400104

+91 8291524979 / +91 9833667270

Probiker Helmets & Accessories

Shop No – 7, Akbars Radiant Plaza,

Behind Aurora Towers, Next to RBS Bank (Old ABN-AMRO),

M.G. Road, Pune – 411001

020 26127000  / +91 8855947000

Timsun Tyres Dual Sport TS823 – First Impressions

By Savio Tavadia / October 21, 2018

“Bajaj Dominar 400 Rock Matte Black 2018 Edition gets a Lift”

TIMSUN Tyres entered into the Indian tyre market about a year ago. Ever since it has been in the crosshairs of motorcyclists looking for something new to try out.  The name Timsun tyres is gaining momentum on revolution at a time. Be it for adventure touring or sport applications it is catching on. Making its footprint on prominent touring destinations and highways on the country courtesy a few celebrated motorcycling enthusiasts who took upon themselves to see what these tyres could do. Taking a cue from these motorcyclists others too have joined the fray. They too have begun to appreciate what these set of tyres can do for their motorcycles too.

Getting in touch with the officials to source a set of tyres in the city of Pune needed a few phone calls. Followed by the catalogue exchanges in order to identify the ideal set for the motorcycle in question. The Bajaj Dominar 400 Rock Matte Black 2018 Edition loaded with the Lluvia Industries touring accessories. After much deliberation it was decided to procure the Timsun Tyres TS 823 through their dealership channel here in Pune. In layman terms it is a tubeless “knobby” tyre that works on dirt roads as well as tarmac/highways.


Inaugural Run

The inaugural run saw the Timsun TS823 go head on with the CEAT Zoom Rad X1and X1F from Pune to Kaas Plateau and back. The 2018 Bajaj Dominar was shod with a set TS 823s and the first edition Bajaj Dominar has the Ceat X1s. The older Dominar was mapped to the pilot ECU while the younger one had the latest update. In terms of overall handling both motorcycles were pretty much at par. The only exception here was the Engine Crash guard by Zana Motorcycles and touring kit from Lluvia.in on the 2018 Bajaj Dominar. The other Bajaj Dominar was bereft of any accessories. The ceat tyres are radials while the Timsun are biased tyres, both tubeless. Both motorcycles fueled up with Shell petrol to full tank and both had marginal difference in terms of mileage figures.


1st Impressions

Taking the Bajaj Dominar 400 across and around the city was the agenda for the day. Taking a pillion along was a last minute plan. The total distance covered was 95 kilometres, will about 35 odd kilometres of solo riding. The TS 823 saw highway, dirt and city roads with a few lanes and bylanes thrown in. Traffic on a holiday weekend came as a bonus. The Bajaj Dominar stood at an elevation of 10mm from its regular height.The Bajaj Dominar was a the known factor, however the elevation was the new.

The taller stance aided in dealing with speed breakers and potholes. Since it was the first ever ride on bias ply it will take time to get used to. On dirt the bike handled well even with the pillion. The top speed was not more than 110/120 kmph on the highway. The Bajaj Dominar returned a mileage of 35 KMPL on this 1st time ride. Key note – The motorcycle was switched off at major signals.


Timsun India TS823 First look video featuring Bajaj Dominar#2018edition


Photo & Video: Rohan Shinde aka #awaararider


To view the complete range of tyres for your scooters and motorcycles click on the link below:

Timsun Tyres – Product and pricing Catalogue JUNE 2018

About Timsun Rubber Tire (Weihai) Co. Ltd.

Timsun Rubber Tire (Weihai) Co. Ltd. is a modern Sino-Taiwan joint venture, is a research and development and production of performance tires for motorcycles. TIMSUN has a modern state of the art manufacturing facility in Weihai city. Also a full-fledged R&D unit has risen as one of the best performance tire brand across the world within a decade. They also produce butyl inner tubes. With the Taiwanese quality standards and Chinese manufacturing strengths combined, TIMSUN as a brand places itself in the niche segment and has set its ambitions on the mass market.

TIMSUN‘s over 77000 Sq Metre plant has the capacity to produce over 16 million high performance tires per year. The Weihai Engineering Technology Research Centre owned by Timsun Rubber Tire (Weihai) Co., Ltd continues its research focused on safety and better performance on different terrains and climate conditions.

Quality Compliance

TIMSUN tires comply with most of the quality standards including JIS (Japan), DOT (US), E4 etc. TIMSUN have a wide range of tires to suit almost all the motorcycles and scooters across the world. A wide range of patterns focused to suit versatile conditions across the world. The company has won accolades as the national high-tech enterprises, innovation driven development and capacity of the top enterprises in Shandong Province. Also, Shandong integrity demonstration enterprises and Shandong civilized integrity of the top 100 Taiwan funded enterprises.

Timsun invited the VMA team from America to recreate a new VI system in 2012 and then presented it to the public. This enhanced the publicity of the brand. With the evolution of the means of transportation, Timsun has been advertising its brand in various forms of ATL and BTL.

Grand Pitstop GRoller review – 1st impressions

By Savio Tavadia / September 12, 2018

Grand Pitstop GRoller S – Paddock Stand Replacement now in the palm of your hand!


On a chance conversation we stumbled upon the GRoller by Grand Pitstop. We liked its usability enough to make  a short video. However, post that video we had a few thoughts. The drive chain is probably one of the least worried about components. Nevertheless, yet a very crucial component in any motorcycle. From watching superbikes in bollywood flicks to actually owning one the process is simplified. Without much hassle the Indian motorist has a plethora of not just brands but also models and trim levels to choose from. Conventional drive chains can make do with any type of chain oil. However, today drive chains found in most of the motorcycles 150cc and above require a chain lube to be applied at regular intervals.

The Drive chain lubrication cycle:

While most of the drive chain lubricants have a life span of upto 500 kilometers. Some chain lubricants can last up to 1000 kilometers worth of travel distance. Above all, dust and water are important factors for a drive chain lube cycle. Unlike the 150cc motorcycles, some of the 200cc and above motorcycles may have a centre stand as a standard fitment. Likewise in some of them it maybe offered as an optional extra. For motorcycles 200cc and above there is no centre stand as a result it is very inconvenient. In this event the task of lubricating the chain is left to the mechanic at your prefered service station. For the do it yourself types usually happens at home.

The Risks

For home use paddock stands are readily available in the market. They can easily be transported from the shop to your house. However when it comes to long distance travel, even carrying a foldable paddock can be cumbersome. Given its overall volumetric dimensions and weight it is just dead weight. There are also others in the market who have come up with solutions that attempt to hoist the motorcycle. That way the bike is elevated a few inches above the ground. Here there is a risk of  the bike slipping off. Even worse the elevated motorcycle could tip over on its side to meet the ground surface due to a sleight of hand. This can cause substantial amount of damage – to the side panels in case of a fully faired sports bike. Or cosmetic damage to the crash guard and auxiliary attachments like fog lamps etc. in case of a regular bike.


WHY GRoller?

These factors can turn fatal for your beloved motorcycle and the GRoller made in India by Grand Pitstop is a rather safer alternative. GRoller provides elevation for performing tasks like lubrication. It can also assist in flat tyre repair for the rear tyre too. In some cases it can service the front tyre of the motorcycle too. The GRoller comes in three different sizes depending upon the weight of your motorcycle. Furthermore, it is small enough to fit in your backpack or tankbag. The compact design of the GRoller is attractive yet not overwhelming. Because the GRoller usually comes in a bright color it is easy to clean off all the visible dirt and grime.


  • Product Brief:
    Rotate your motorcycle’s wheels easily for chain cleaning, lubrication and tyre maintenance with the perfect paddock stand replacement – GRoller.
  • Just roll your bike onto Groller and rotate the tyre.
  • GRoller comes with three variants to suit all type of bikes.
  • Now say good bye to the bulky Paddock Stands and get a compact GRoller of the size of a palm! (To download your copy of the user manual click on the link below):

Key Features:

The GRoller is an Ideal tool for:

  • Chain cleaning
  • Chain Lubrication
  • Inspecting Punctures
  • Wheel Maintenance
  • DIY, Easy to use – Just roll bike onto Groller and place on side stand
  • Same roller can be used for both wheels
  • Perfect companion for any ride – Compact and Lightweight
  • Non-skid backing to prevent any chance of slipping
  • Designed and tested at IIT Delhi and 100% Made in India
  • Rusting?? No Chance!! – Designed using sturdy stainless steel

Crash guard for pulsar NS 200

By Savio Tavadia / September 6, 2018

Crash guard for pulsar NS 200/AS 200 with FRAME SLIDERS in India by Zana

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 compatible product

When Bajaj Auto launched the Pulsar 200 NS in June 2012 little did they know or expect that it would take to the “riding season” like fish to water. Let alone a touring crash guard for pulsar NS 200, other accessories were unheard of. Fast forward to five years later their big boy – the Bajaj Dominar 400 made its way to Siberia. Yes, the first ever Indian manufactured motorcycle to do so. What it may not have done in numbers it did so in the touring and interactive media industry. Drawing out maximum number of purpose driven motorcycle accessories to fit the taste of every possible rider.

To the extent that if one were to count the timeline since its launch vs the aftermarket accessories, the Dominar 400 truly “Dominates the night here”.

All this while, the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS was adorned with aftermarket modifications and accessories. Built on the DIY philosophy for most part of it. Even though it was given a VRS of sorts it was reincarnated in the BS IV essence to meet the demand thus signalling its comeback. Keeping all riding styles at the forefront, the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is not just a frugal alternative to the KTM Duke 200 or an indianized clone. It is:

  • A city commute bike
  • Long distance tourer
  • An agile track machine

In the age of the British origin cruiser and the upcoming “orange riders” one individual set out to form a brotherhood that unveiled the 2017 edition Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. Indeed the more that can be said about the motorcycle is less with a handful (yes you read it correctly, its NOT a typo). They have crossed the 100,000 kms mark and a rare odd bunch past the 200,000 mark!

crash guard for pulsar NS 200

Keeping in line with what could be added to this iconic motorcycle, a few decided to go ahead and accessorize the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. This attempt simply to add more bite to its touring quotient.

Keeping the safety as well as the multifaceted agility quotient in mind, (no we are not including the stunting aspect here!) one such accessories manufacturer has introduced the very first dual purpose accessory for the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS – The crash Guard with Sliders.

crash guard for pulsar NS 200

The Bajaj PULSAR CRASH GUARD WITH SLIDERS has bolt-on sliders that can be removed if need be. There is also a variant that comes sans the sliders. This new addition not only paves way for addition of auxiliary lighting for riding in the harshest of conditions. Also, it allows the rider to conveniently mount action camera to capture low POV shots of the ride whether its meandering through the bends or wading through the grime of nature. The simplistic design blends in with the essence of the Pulsar 200 NS lineage. It also offers to add protection to the motorcycle. Finally after its reincarnations, the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is getting add -ons. Thereby adding to that extra bit of touring bling to the 23.5 bhp single cylinder scram-jet.

While a few were already delivered to other parts of the country, we opened the innings for Maharashtra bound orders. No, we will not give you a product description. Instead, we would encourage you to read through the description as listed on the manufacturer’s website (as listed below). In the meanwhile, you may look forward to our long term review. Additionally, you can get yourself one of these hard to resist yet simplistically designed Bajaj Pulsar crash guards with sliders.

crash guard for pulsar NS 200

Crash guard for pulsar NS 200 – PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

  1. Copyright Protected Design exclusively available from ZANA MOTORCYCLES
  2. Proper Protection for the radiator, engine casing and petrol tank (in case of a fall)
  3. Cold Rolled Powder Coated Steel Tubes used for manufacturing.
  4. Precision Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) for uniform finish and strength
  5. All nuts and bolts of Stainless Steel (100% Rust free) included as standard
  6. Industrial grade polymer Spacers included to act as vibration dampeners
  7. Black Industrial grade Polymer Sliders for smooth finishing, aesthetics and gradual wear out (in case of an accidental slide)
  8. 6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental)
  9. Proper shade matching with the bike chassis
  10. Plastic wrapped for protection from scratches during transit


crash guard for pulsar NS 200

Terms and Conditions:

  • 6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental)
  • Replacement against manufacturing defect. (Limited to replacement of Spare Part only)


Founded in 2001, Zana International is dedicated in providing high quality and world-class products and services in the TWO WHEELER INDUSTRYZana is India’s leading manufacturers of Bullet and Luxury motorcycle accessories in India. They have also been exporting bike accessories to many countries like:

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • Portugal

They understand that motorcycling or long distance touring on a motorcycle is not just a sport or hobby. It is a lifestyle choice and they believe in making the experience of motorcycling all the more safe. At the same time adding style to their wide range of patented motorcycle accessories. Customer satisfaction is their primary goal. They endeavor to deliver only the best for their motorcyclist friends.

They also have customized accessories for the top brands of bikes like:

  •  KTM
  • Royal Enfield
  • Kawasaki
  • Harley Davidson
  • Triumph
  • and many more...

They believe in continuing our efforts in providing a vast range of products to their customers at competitive prices.

To connect With Zana Motorcycles:






HAVE A QUERY? Click here to drop them a line

You can also reach them at 9953112277 

(Call in orders- Mon – Fri: 10.30 AM – 6.30 PM)

SHOP No. 4 Building number 2290, Arya Samaj Rd, Opp Bikanerwala, Block 25A, Beadonpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005

Kirex Moto Customs – creates Karizma Cruiser

By Savio Tavadia / August 17, 2018

It is said that in its last incarnation lays its rise to extinction but nevertheless Hero Motocorp recently launched the Hero Karizma albeit in just two colors and a few “updates”. Over and above what it stands for, the engine of this motorcycle has held its praise from the motorcycling community be it the tourers or the motocross athletes. Some of them have actually used the Karizma engine to give the Impulse a boost of power and whether on the dirt track or the long drawn trials this combination is a match made in heaven.

Taking a cue of inspiration from the legends of motorcycling folklore we have Kirex moto customs back with their second build – a Hero Karizma. In the past we have seen the Karizma taken on different Avatars, this time for his second build Kirex Moto tunes this one time tourer to a cruiser. The customer wanted a motorcycle with relaxed ergonomics but also wanted the same powerful and reliable engine of the Karizma. I order to achieve this, the engine has been tuned according the new aftermarket air filter and free flow exhaust system to ensure optimum power at all times. By this process the power sees an increase dramatically and now one can be safely term the motorcycle as a “Power Cruiser”.

To keep in tunes with the cruiser concept, the fuel tank has been contoured and reshaped accordingly. By do so, the overall capacity of the fuel tank has been increased from the earlier 15 litres and now has a capacity to accomodate 17 litres of fuel. The plastic side panels have been replaced by are custom built metal ones to incorporate it in the overall themes. Also, the new air filter and the position of battery has been relocated in accordance to the new theme.

The rear section of the frame has been altered in order to accommodate a more laid back seating stance as compared to the stock seating position which is rather upright. The motorcycle also gets and all new custom made seat that is made of soft density foam which is used in the seats for motorcyclists who travel long distances more often. The standard bikini fairing has been done away and an aftermarket LED based headlight has been used to give the Karizma a rather retro look. Last but not the least to talk about, the footrest, seats and handlebars have been positioned to serve to purposes – using the motorcycling to cruise comfortably on rides long and short or to hit corners as per the rider’s mood and fancy.

All in all the motorcycle has been re-designed giving it not just a new form but also functionality while sticking to its roots – touring. While you are reading this article, the motorcycle is nearing completion and will soon be ready to embark on its next adventure, be it hitting apexes or just cruising down the highway.

You can connect with Kirex Moto customs on Facebook


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or call them on +919766524467


ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 – HYBRID Review

Who am I?

I am Samuel Joy from Pune, working as a Business Development Manager in an IT Services Firm in Pune. Riding bike since 8th grade and the longest ride done is Leh-Ladakh and consistent weekend rides to keep my sanity.


What I ride?

A 2014 CBR250R

PHOTO CREDITS (As per the watermark): Gourab Das Photography

Why CBR 250R?

After riding a Pulsar 150 for 7 years I was looking for a reasonable upgrade. Since budget wasn’t an issue and the only better bike in the late 2013/ early 2014 was the Duke 390 which didn’t fit my usage and riding style I took the educated decision of going for the CBR250R. This is one of the most versatile markets available in the market available till this day. It’s been 4 years and closing 45,000km on this smooth machine which is still going strong and just asks for basic maintenance and an even smoother ownership experience

After About 6 months of ownership this is what Samuel had to say –


1.)    Attractive, classy and good quality paintwork on the helmet.

2.)    Helmet feels built to last and made of high-quality materials.

3.)    Perforated padding and Cushioning inside the helmet is comfortable.

4.) Functional vents for a good circulation of fresh air inside the helmet.

5.) Built in Chin curtain keeps away bugs and other unwanted elements come inside while riding.

6.) UV 400 visor and Sun visor helps a lot to keep fatigue away during sunny days. The Sun visor is my favourite part about this helmet, keeps the harsh sunrays away.

7.) Helmet is not that heavy and feels comfortable for long rides.

8.) This helmet comes with ECE and DOT certification increasing the safety quotient.

9.) The helmet is aerodynamic and does not feel unstable at high speed. Although there is slight wind turbulence inside the helmet but its manageable.


1.)    The visor fogs faster during the rainy season once you are stationary on the bike.

2.)    Some rain water do seep in from top of the visor.

3.)    The sun visor mechanism is not smooth and it operates very jerky. Goes up and down with a Thud. AXXOR has a smoother mechanism.

4.)    Not fully windproof there is some amount of windnoise inside the helmet at high speeds.

5.)    This helmet is a bit bulky and will take some time getting used to.

6.)    Not sure if the problem is limited to me but even after 6months of usage the area around ears feels very tight causing discomfort. I have to remove the helmet every 45 mins to let the blood circulation pass through my ears. Maybe its my ears which sticks out a bit more. But never faced this issue with Cross/ LS2 and Axxor.

One of the best underrated helmets out there with a superb value for me and one should definitely have a look if you are considering a Sol or MT Helmets

Want to know more about the ZS813 HYBRID ARES FLAT BLACK-SILVER? Click here


  • Full face light weight ABS Helmet
  • With ECE, DOT certificate.
  • Inner sun visor mechanism is easy to use.
  • Visor and sun visor all against UV400, protect eyes and skin.
  • Visor is made from high intensity PC, highly durable and not easily broken.
  • High-end spring-loaded visor mechanism.
  • Ventilation system with 3 top air inlets and 2 rear air outlets
  • High tightness for visor seal is able to prevent the rain going inside.
  • Ventilation system on EPS with 6 vents and 8 vents offers a comfortable climate inside the helmet.
  • Three pieces removable and washable lining, easy to remove and assemble. Increase the hygiene and quality of the helmet.
  • Liner: Moisture wicking, anti-odor, anti-bacterial, removable, washable, quick dry, soft fabric. Cheek pads lining is 3D tailored and cutting, multiple layers of sponge provide great coverage. Rider feels safer during high speed cruising.
  • Cheek pads lining is 3D tailored and cutting, multiple layers of sponge provide great coverage. Rider feels safer during high speed cruising.
  • Built-in chin curtain to block wind, sand and bugs.
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and retention snap.
  • Weight approx 1500 ± 50gm.

You can also connect with Zeus Helmets on Facebook 

You call follow them Instagram

Phone-Number: +918655503041
Office Hour: 9.00 Am to 6.00 Pm (Monday to Saturday)
Email-Id: contact@scalagears.com

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey – With love from Zana

By Savio Tavadia / August 4, 2018

While it isn’t commonplace to write about what is trending in the “everything but a motorcycle” over here today we take a closer look at the Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey. The Bajaj Dominar 400 is here to dominate the night. However:

  • The Dominar ventured into territory of pachyderms.
  • It’s DNA is blended with a sage of rage of sorts.
  • In its own right the motorcycle is a niche product
  • It can be a time traveler in the world of motorcycles.
  • A wait and watch game is now a new land of opportunity.

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

Arctic to Antarctic!
  • The advent of the Bajaj Dominar 400 is a new wave of motorcyclists, Video loggers and entrepreneurs too.
  • Taking the hyper riding concept to an all new level the Bajaj Dominar conquered terrain and territory with finesse like no other.
  • This, under the aegis of seasoned motorcyclist Mr. Deepak Kamath on the Trans Siberian Odyssey about a year ago.
  • The stupendous success story is just a Google hunt away.

Keeping the drive-train going, the current generation Bajaj Dominar 400 is en-route to the first ever historic journey. This is to go from Arctic to Antarctic!

For this journey not just planning and logistics or a plethora of connected activities have been invested. But, also an ample amount of love! Yes, as astounding as it may sound if you study the journey of this odyssey you will see the love for motorcycling. This is not just from the riders but is from every individual connected. After all, joy is love when it’s shared, isn’t it?

The was word on the street is about a forthcoming ADVENTURE BAJAJ DOMINAR 400. This is if the rumors are to be believed. So we decided to tune in to the real story of this.
The details is something like this:
  • Three BONE Stock Bajaj Dominar 400s each in the colours currently available in the market
  • Aftermarket tyres procured specially to suit the terrain
  • Specially designed rider seat for this journey
  • Touring set up of accessories for the journey

There are many stakeholders connected to this project. Today we are going to talk about one of them. Those behind these aesthetically handsome yet stylish head turners that you see in the photograph below. We are referring to the motorcycles!. The touring modifications are done by Zana Motorcycles. They have taken an extra initiative to build some of the items which are first in its segment. Also, at this point of time the only 3 built in the entire country! Now when you are working with Mr. Armstrong, anything first in “class” or “segment” can be expected.


Incidentally this piece of work is a first of its kind where we will talk about:

  • The Polar Odyssey Dominar is not an “ADVENTURE DOMINAR” as mentioned elsewhere in cyberspace.
  • Indeed this act of omission gave us an opportunity to bring the readers and not just Bajaj Dominar owners closer to these motorcycle’s setup process, in a way.

A long drawn conversation that will otherwise require a tappit banging ride of over 2000 kilometers. As an option, a boarding pass to get this story from the manufacturer.Thankfully these options are sidelined. Thus made possible courtesy the responsiveness, patience and #zanalove. This was evident in its exhaust note (READ – tone of conversation).

We do thank Team Zana for their time and patience in answering all our queries to build this piece of prose.

Without further Ado we give you a list of the accessories installed on the Dominars for this journey. Yes, we have kept the words close to original and the technical jargon are in the words of the manufacturer so as to maintain its originality. For further reading we have provided a link to the story below and a link at the end to the Bajaj Auto website.

For those of you who wish to connect with Zana Motorcycles we have listed the platforms that you can connect with the team.
Crash Guard

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

  • The Set of crash guards mounted on the Polar Odyssey Bikes have been the tried and tested legendary design. This is already in use by most of the Bajaj Dominar 400 riders across the country.
  • It is made using the most robust of materials and welds.
  • Accompanied by CNC machined sliders made using Du Pont Polymer, which has proven time and again its capabilities.
  • The design saves the petrol tank, the radiator and much of the engine casing
  • It also, incorporates Jerry cans on both the sides (5 Liter each side)
Top Case Rack

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

  • The Top case rack made by Zana Motorcycles is the Type 3 that they already have been retailing.
  • The plate on the rack is a 6mm 6082 grade aluminum specially cut to hold the mounts and the locking mechanism for the top cases.
  • It has been tested for 30 Kg loads on good terrain.

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey challenges Zana to test the same in the worst of terrains as well.

Side Pannier Racks

  • These racks may come across as simple metal tubes but are the most critical in the whole luggage setup.
  • They have been mounted on the same brackets being used by Zana for their current saddle stays.
  • However, they have been trip reinforced to carry the weight of 6 Kg Pannier boxes plus 10-12 Kg of luggage inside bringing it to approximately 20 Kg of load each side.
  • The reinforcements keep the vertical and lateral movements under control under huge loads at the toughest terrains on earth that these motorcycles will be thrown at.
Radiator Grill

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

  • The all aluminium ultra-light weight Aluminium Grill is a direct bolt on, onto the standard Dominar radiator.
  • Designed to dissipate heat in the most efficient manner, it is approved by Bajaj Auto R&D Department.
  • It has proved its worth as shown in the pictures.
  • The design is a blend of optimum window size and wall size to keep stones and debris at bay while allowing the radiator to breath and keep cool.

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

Handle bars with GPS/Phone/Go Pro Mounts

  • The FIRST IN CLASS and FIRST IN SEGMENT handle bar by Zana Motorcycles.
  • They bring in the same riding position as available on original handle bars.
  • These have been additionally dampened to minimize vibrations.
  • They incorporate the GPS/GO Pro Mount which will enable all types of mounts to be mounted.
  • Purpose-built to house a big screen phone and at least two movie cameras.

Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

Camera Mounts
  • The last, but the most prominent items mounted on the crash guard is the Fog Lamp/Camera Mount.
  • Developed by Zana International, for maximum grip and stability.
  • To keep the rider’s precious equipment like cameras and fog lamps, vibration free.
  • The material used is procured from Du Pont via its dealers.

To know more about the Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey Click on the link below:

Bajaj Dominar on its way to world’s First Polar Odyssey – Arctic to Antarctic

zana motorcycles


Founded in 2001, Zana International is dedicated to providing high-quality and world class Motorcycle accessories, products and services in the TWO WHEELER INDUSTRY.

 Zana is India’s leading manufacturers of Royal Enfield and luxury motorcycle accessories in India. They also export their motorcycle accessories to many countries like:

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • Portugal

  They understand that motorcycling or long distance touring on a motorcycle is not just a sport or hobby. It is a lifestyle choice. Zana motorcycles thus makes the experience of motorcycling all the more safe yet stylish for motorcyclists. They have on offer a wide range of patented motorcycle accessories. Customer satisfaction is paramount. They endeavor to deliver only the best for the motorcycling community.

 They have customized accessories for the top brands of motorcycles like: 

  • KTM
  • Royal Enfield
  • Kawasaki
  • Harley Davidson
  • Triumph
  • Bajaj Auto
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
They believe in continuing their efforts in providing a vast range of premium quality motorcycle accessories at competitive prices.

To connect With Zana Motorcycles:






HAVE A QUERY? Click here to drop them a line
You can also reach them at 9953112277 ( Fri : 10.30 AM - 6.30 PM)

SHOP No. 4 Building number 2290, Arya Samaj Rd, Opp Bikanerwala, Block 25A, Beadonpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005

Click on the image to visit the Bajaj Auto website

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