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Cafe Racer Riding Pants V 2.0 – 1st ride review

By Savio Tavadia / May 26, 2016

After extensively testing the riding pants by Cafe Racer we took the opportunity to bring you this “Paid review”(more on this later)  from the outset is pretty much a regular looking plain Jane trouser. However what lies beneath is what the manufacturers believe makes these riding pants a class apart. The riding pants a.k.a the “test […]


The Musafirs Safar (Journey)

By Savio Tavadia / May 3, 2016

The Musafirs Safar (Journey) Sharmishta Chakravorty the first two words that introduced us formally (read “on print“) to this riding group spoke about her designation as a Senior Manager with one of the corporate houses. Take away that morning cup of tea and you as dead as a dead duck. Reading on further, it said […]

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