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SJ4000 Waterproof Case – Now On-The-Go charging

By Savio Tavadia / June 3, 2016

For those of who have dreaded the thought how it would feel to have not captured that tight bend or a High Tower because the camera ran out of juice(battery), SJ Cam now comes with a standard accessory the SJ4000 Waterproof Case with On-The-Go charging cable which can be purchased from their website (Click here to […]


SJCAM 4000+ – The Bumblebee of sports action cams

By Savio Tavadia / June 2, 2016

After reigning over the hearts of the not so deep pocketed erstwhile automobile and motorcycling enthusiasts of over 3 years ever since its “variants” exploded the Indian markets,  SJCAM has literally a helmet held brand for those looking out for a cost effective solution to capture moments of their lives. Be it a camper’s night […]

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