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A scoop full of bullshit -Reminder to self

By Savio Tavadia / November 16, 2016

A scoop full of bullshit is in reference to a write-up I once read on the scoops and vomit, yes you heard right. He does have a distinct style and rather offbeat style that makes slang sophisticated. The author’s thoughts became a benchmark for me and helped understand where to NOT over do it… For […]


RVM – Rear View Mirror

By Savio Tavadia / November 16, 2016

Now that Motolethe turns 1 year it is time to add 1 more category – Rear View Mirror. In simple terminology RVMs are used to “look back” and in a way it is related to reflect. In the context of Motolethe RVM will be thoughts not related to the others. Those that are the outcome […]


PGS motorcycle riding gloves – Cold Steel

By Savio Tavadia / November 8, 2016

The PGS riding gloves AKA the gauntlet, purchased earlier this year for the ride to India Bike Week 2016. The sole purpose was to get a touring glove that covered all the aspects of safety gears while also ensuring a fair level of comfort. During the ride to the India Bike Week 2016 which took […]


XDI Stealth gloves review

By Savio Tavadia / November 2, 2016

Being public about going stealth First impressions may or not be lasting impressions. We will leave that for our long-term XDI Stealth gloves review. Here in question is what can be described as a multi-mode glove. XDI Stealth gloves gauntlet design is is flexible and yet sophisticated. This, topped with the aesthetics that make you […]

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