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XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket Review

By Savio Tavadia / December 30, 2016

Why wear a riding jacket? The primary purpose of any off the shelf-riding jacket is to protect its occupant in the event of a crash. This piece of apparel is the embodiment of certified protectors or armors, wrapped in a fabric purpose built with utility pockets and in some case with layers to withstand the […]


Viral Journalism – For clicks and hits

By Savio Tavadia / December 29, 2016

For clicks and hits – the item song story While the intention is not to get undivided attention, I see no harm in any kind of attention. From the cabaret days to the item song era one formula always worked. That was THE ITEM SONG routine. Even if the movie was at best forgettable the […]


Buying a helmet?

By Savio Tavadia / December 1, 2016

Buying a helmet? From time immemorial every illustrated battle has a warrior in history who went down or floored armies with or without his helmet. I will not get in to the history of how a soldiers crown became a motorcyclists first line of defense. Be it in keeping the green reaper away on the […]

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