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Not buying Git Up Git2 Pro ? – A very Bad Idea!

By Savio Tavadia / May 27, 2017

      This is not a first impression view of the Git Up Git2 Pro but also a real time comprehensive analysis (which will be periodically updated) that has been procured from authorized vendor Actioncams for its value as listed on their website. As you can see above it is an orange paneled sports action camera […]


Dirtsack Shellsack – One Hell of a Sack!

By Savio Tavadia / May 11, 2017

For the number of items we are consuming you may think that we are being paid by the manufacturer, but then again if you are hanging out at your regular chai tapri and invite friends who also bring their friends to share  the brew from the same cauldron that kicks in a fresh dose of energy […]

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