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CEAT Zoom Rad X1and X1F – Long term Review

By Savio Tavadia / January 24, 2018

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Installation CEAT Zoom Rad X1 tyres are especially designed to cater specific needs of sports bike enthusiasts from across India. High performance-led ‘Zoom Rad X1’ tyres offer superior control and comfort at high speeds to enable a rider to embark on an exciting road journey. Other major features of the […]


Breaking Stereotypes – All Bikers go to Ladakh

By Savio Tavadia / January 16, 2018

Breaking Stereotypes – All Bikers go to Ladakh It is commonplace nowadays that a when in conversation it comes across that you are a motorcyclist the other person asks, “Have you been to Ladakh?”. Then I begin to wonder if this person skipped Geography as a subject? Is this individual blind by the common notion […]


Freakazoids turns six this year

By Savio Tavadia / January 15, 2018

Formed on the  January 11th 2012 and based out of Ponda, Goa this group of 30 odd riders. Freakazoids turns six this year, this is their story. Around six years from today, three school friends who purchased their dream motorcycles somewhere between 2011 and 2012. Interestingly as it turned out, it was the same make […]


MAXIMUSPRO – Offline Navigation on the go

By Savio Tavadia / January 3, 2018

    Launched at the India Bike Week in Goa last November, the MaximusPro is a product and service designed for bikers and by bikers as not only a navigation assistant but also a travel planner. Offering an Offline Navigation experience, the MaximusPro gives the user turn-by-turn directions even if there is no connectivity! In […]

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