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Axor Helmet – A sub 4K(iller) product? 1st Impressions review


While the prices of everything including the motorcycles soared in the months that went by this year, some of the manufacturers too raised the bar on certain apparel and safety gear. As time spent on the road takes its toll on our machines so does it on our gear too and after all there is room for the phrase “wear and tear”, isnt it? keeping in mind the need for a dual mode(yes DUAL) helmet it was time to purchase a product that cost about as much a commuter helmet while giving the comfort or a touring helmet.

When I shared the news with a fellow rider about my choice, he did point out a few glitches one of them being the gap right by the neckline cushioning. But since the primary purpose was to serve as a daily use helmet, fit and finish was kept on the backburner while opting for this product. While needless to say you be holding one with an Asymmetrical gap, that has not affect the comfort in any way. Below are a few details that impressed me:

  1. At an MRP of 3500/- in Pune, the AXOR helmet offers the comfort of competitors in the 4K and above range while churning out a mere 500-600/- rupee figure for a visor change.
  2. In the last  month or so of use, I did have a fall, albeit at a slow speed when the car occupant decided to open the door of his car without any warning. since I fell on the bike, there seemed to be no visible damage to the helmet on either angles.
  3. Yes with the visor down there is a whistling sound at high speeds and up to about 140kmph there was no bobble or wobble to impact the cheeks.
  4. At first the helmet did seem tight and cheekbone breaking, however it was the very same factor that added value to the point as mentioned above.
  5. As mentioned earlier, although there is an asymmetrical gap it does not affect the comfort in any way.
  6. The look and feel of the helmet is indeed as plush as any sub 4000/- helmet can be.
  7. Even the clip lock is at par with competition
  8. While the vents are pretty subtle in nature, the defogger does seem to work as long as the helmet is worn correctly.


This review was written keeping in mind that it had to be generic in nature and hence it has a voice of a buyer who made a first time purchase. The pictures below do have spots on them and the slight dust stained were purposefully kept there so as to allow the flash to shed light on the look and finish of the product. To conclude we would like to thank Probiker Helmets for adding a great mid-range product to the existing line up.





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