Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox

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Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox

Before we begin with the 1st impression lets get to know about the device. Bolt Red Streak – features as per the manufacturer


  • Charger for all Phones The Bolt Red Streak is capable of charging any mobile safely and fast. It provides a 5V, 2A output. The charger is designed keeping the safety of your bike in mind.
  • Anti-Theft Design The detachable design of the Bolt Red Streak makes it easy for you to un-plug and carry the charger while you are not riding.
  • All Weather Resistant The Bolt Red Streak has a working temperature range from 0°C to 75°C. When the phone is connected and device is under use on the bike, its absolutely water-proof.
  • Built to Last Intelligent design combined with the best thermo-plastic material helps withstand vibrations and harsh weather conditions.
  • Bolt Circuitry The circuit is designed for 95% energy efficiency. It delivers up to 2A steady current output to charge your phone as fast as your wall charger.
  • Warranty Policy The Bolt Red Streak comes with 1 year FREE replacement warranty – anything goes wrong, we ship the new device to your door-step.



The Bolt Box


While the bolt has been around for about 6 months from its launch date, even though it seemed like a good proposition the NEED for investing in such a device never came to the forefront. tantamount to that the split handlebar was a hindrance as the bolt seems to be a handlebar device at the outset. Gearing up for a Bike Festival that has pretty much all the petrol heads and loud mouthed tails called for a solution to stay charged up at all possible times (in terms of all gadgetry).


On a Whats-app group the feasibility of  Bolt was questioned so with a few phone calls and a visit to one of the dealers we were in possession of a box that was more befitting for a Coffee mug if not anything else. from fit to finish the package and its contents were a class apart and worth every cent of 1699/- shelled out. the box housed the handle bar mount, a charger, a user/warranty manual and 4 cable ties.


Installing the bolt mount on the test subject was rather easy from the handle bar of the motorcycle right down to the battery terminals. to review the ease of use initial at every pit stop the plug n play game was played so that the internet dongle carried along for the trip kept the data roaming termites and network bugs at bay from the cellphone. When the battery on one of our action cameras died out we put the bolt to task with it regaining it full potential in a short time. Given the fact that staying connected on the go was the need of the hour we did not have an opportunity to use the bolt to refuel the power-bank or the cellular phone.

The Bolt getting BOLTED on the test subject:



As part of the package the Bolt pocket came along, since the luggage systems had a tank bag on board the bolt pocket was not put to use, however we can say that the pocket is indeed touch screen friendly. here is what the makers have to say about it:

Compatible With All Bikes: The Bolt Pocket has adjustable straps which can be used to fix the unit across the fuel tank. The front straps have attached clips which makes it easy to fix.

Touch-Screen Friendly:The top of the Bolt Pocket is made up of transparent touch-friendly material. So you can easily interact your mobile-phone for navigation and taking a call, even when the phone is within the Pocket.

Water Resistant: The Pocket is designed to keep your phone safe from mild rains. Its closed from all the three sides and has a Velcro protection from top to prevent any water inflow.



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