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ZEUS Full-Face ZS-813 – HYBRID Review

By Savio Tavadia / August 9, 2018

Who am I? I am Samuel Joy from Pune, working as a Business Development Manager in an IT Services Firm in Pune. Riding bike since 8th grade and the longest ride done is Leh-Ladakh and consistent weekend rides to keep my sanity.   What I ride? A 2014 CBR250R PHOTO CREDITS (As per the watermark): Gourab […]


Scala Gears Marvel jacket -review

By Savio Tavadia / June 29, 2018

Scala Gears Marvel jacket review – First impressions of L2 riding jacket “Badass biker” look motorcycle riding jacket are a passe. Riding jackets evolved over the decade in terms of technology. Now it is a style statement. To suit their tastes, motorcyclists have not just fit but also colors from the spectrum of jackets sold […]


Domivel X by Autologue Design

By Savio Tavadia / February 17, 2018

    They say what’s in a name however when it is a name that paints emotion on a canvas that is not of cloth or parchment but that of metal, fibre or the in-house FRP. Art that blends in cutting edge technology with the finesse of an era that it has succeeded, the resultant […]


Cafe Racer Riding Denims – Two years and counting..

By Savio Tavadia / December 5, 2017

This month two years ago, Cafe Racer debuted at the India Superbike Festival, taking the festival by storm it had most of the PYTs walking away with a Cafe Racer package that was now synonymous with our lenses. Adding to the fray were the children who lopped up their merchandise (read caps) allowing a very […]


Dirtsack Gypsy – For the Hyper Tourer in you!

By Savio Tavadia / November 12, 2017

We recently took the Dirtsack Gypsy out on a short trip across the country cover a little over 11,000kilometres over a travel period of around a month or so… Sounds trivial doesn’t it? given the average distance a motorcyclist covers on a solo ride in this time frame, these eleven thousand Kilometers are indeed a […]


Not buying Git Up Git2 Pro ? – A very Bad Idea!

By Savio Tavadia / May 27, 2017

      This is not a first impression view of the Git Up Git2 Pro but also a real time comprehensive analysis (which will be periodically updated) that has been procured from authorized vendor Actioncams for its value as listed on their website. As you can see above it is an orange paneled sports action camera […]


Dirtsack Shellsack – One Hell of a Sack!

By Savio Tavadia / May 11, 2017

For the number of items we are consuming you may think that we are being paid by the manufacturer, but then again if you are hanging out at your regular chai tapri and invite friends who also bring their friends to share  the brew from the same cauldron that kicks in a fresh dose of energy […]

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