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Probiker Helmets – What lies beneath?

By Savio Tavadia / September 7, 2016

Pune – Once a town that was retired citizens town in the recent times has evolved in to a city, one that pulls corner carving enthusiasts from India’s financial capital and a city that houses the paradise that attracts bikers even from the country’s biking capital. Now over eight years and counting Probiker Helmets housed […]


Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox

By Savio Tavadia / February 25, 2016

Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox Before we begin with the 1st impression lets get to know about the device. Bolt Red Streak – features as per the manufacturer   Charger for all Phones The Bolt Red Streak is capable of charging any mobile safely and fast. It provides a 5V, 2A output. […]


Cafe Racer Riding Pants

By Savio Tavadia / February 11, 2016

The riding pants by Cafe Racer from the outset is pretty much a regular looking plain Jane trouser. However what lies beneath is what the manufacturers believe makes these riding pants a class apart.   The riding pants a.k.a the “test subject” is a comfort fit 4 pocket production specimen. Sans the armor that will […]


The Yellow Page

By Savio Tavadia / November 16, 2015

  This is a directory of sorts with links to products and services related the needs of a rider. From accessories for the rider to the rider itself here is where you can find it all. To be listed here get in touch with us. Pro-Biker helmets & accessories Address: Shop No. 7, Akbar’s Radiant […]


The Blue Line

By Savio Tavadia / November 14, 2015

Ever since the website came into place the “Blue line” has been synonymous with the term hyperlink and keeping in line with the tradition the old fashioned way the Blue line houses listings of everything ONLINE 🙂  

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