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Ritu Kaur – Vadodra’s Bullet Queen

By Savio Tavadia / December 5, 2017

  Born  to a Punjabi family and raised in Vadodra Gujarat, Ritu Kaur is a swimming coach in an international school in Vadodra. Her tryst with motorcycling began when she was in the sixth standard during summer holidays. While she spent the vacations at her relative’s house in Punjab, due to lack of proper public […]


The Motolethe – Kalyanaraman Venkatesan

By Savio Tavadia / November 9, 2017

It has been two years that began its journey and as a Second Anniversary Special Edition we are bringing to you a story about one man who had made a difference, read on…     There is no dearth of motorcyclists in the country who is or isn’t a rebel without a cause. There […]


The Motolethe – The Lake Girl Story

By Savio Tavadia / July 19, 2017

On a fine summer day a set of four riders planned a ten-day’s journey to ride into the record books of India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, and Limca book of Records. While the entry does not require a ticket or a pass all they had to do was make the attempt to […]


The Motolethe – A shade of Grease

By Savio Tavadia / July 22, 2016

  Amidst over two thousand motorcycle enthusiasts who joined the 3rd edition of Moto Day organized by MotoDreamz, there came a doctor and no we are not talking about him. Power, poise, precision, control all that and more whether it is tending to a patient on the chair or being patient while the wind tried […]


The Motolethe – Yash Mohan Pawar

By Savio Tavadia / February 8, 2016

We would have heard,seen and probably in come rare cases met people who have come from the street light lit academics to the limelight and make it big in IITs, MNCs  and being picked up by names. Some of them so big that some of them have in some way fueled or have been responsible for the […]


The Motolethe – Lt Col. Sohan Roy

By Savio Tavadia / December 22, 2015

  Sitting in the saddle of his father’s motorcycle (A Norton) with elder brother in the pillion seat with his other siblings in the side car for a quick click, was probably where the spark for motorcycling ignited and ever since there has been no stopping or looking back for Lt Col. Sohan Roy. Be it […]


The Motolethe – Ben Holbrook

By Savio Tavadia / November 21, 2015

 Motoday, an event that is synonymous with the motorcycling community of Pune is  celebration that is gaining ground with every year in other cities of India. While the enthusiasts were busy with preparations for this we got an Exclusive interview with the man behind World Motorcycle Day –  Ben Holbrook Savio: Tell us something about you and […]


The Motolethe – Vishal Sanghra

By Savio Tavadia / November 16, 2015

  Stepping into this coffee shop on NIBM Road, Pune I am greeted by its owner. This gentleman like any owner wore this best smile every time whether we met over the cash counter to place the order or to strike light conversation while I sipped the brew served. It indeed is amazing to see […]

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