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Braking Techniques for beginners

By Savio Tavadia / December 20, 2017

Bikers have a 6th sense, it is called logical sense. Be it navigation, mechanics, riding skills or handling emergency situations, I believe if and when used effectively this gift from God can prove to be a Ram-Baan. About 10 years ago while riding to work on my CBZ  back then, I started to slow down […]


Night Time Riding Tips – The Shadow rider

By Savio Tavadia / December 20, 2017

The current state of roads is inversely proportionate to the taxes paid by the average breadwinner. While at some places it may be at par with international standards elsewhere apathy is only a compliment. While some of you reading this would be able to meander through the planet mars and reflection of the moon’s surface […]


SJ4000 Waterproof Case – Now On-The-Go charging

By Savio Tavadia / June 3, 2016

For those of who have dreaded the thought how it would feel to have not captured that tight bend or a High Tower because the camera ran out of juice(battery), SJ Cam now comes with a standard accessory the SJ4000 Waterproof Case with On-The-Go charging cable which can be purchased from their website (Click here to […]


SJCAM 4000+ – The Bumblebee of sports action cams

By Savio Tavadia / June 2, 2016

After reigning over the hearts of the not so deep pocketed erstwhile automobile and motorcycling enthusiasts of over 3 years ever since its “variants” exploded the Indian markets,  SJCAM has literally a helmet held brand for those looking out for a cost effective solution to capture moments of their lives. Be it a camper’s night […]


Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox

By Savio Tavadia / February 25, 2016

Bolt – The power of Zeus in a matchbox Before we begin with the 1st impression lets get to know about the device. Bolt Red Streak – features as per the manufacturer   Charger for all Phones The Bolt Red Streak is capable of charging any mobile safely and fast. It provides a 5V, 2A output. […]


Screwdriver – Not just a cocktail ..

By Savio Tavadia / December 12, 2015

On the way home last winter I saw a group of friends struggling to start their motorcycle and since it seemed like something I faced in the past I volunteered. According to them the motorcycle was ok and then it suddenly died. They were accelerating while getting the bike to start and even after engaging […]


Sakri 15-15 offer

By Savio Tavadia / November 26, 2015

    Special offer for readers of by Sakri TP link 10400 power-bank with 1 year warranty at just 1350/- To claim the offer post the url to this page in you time line on Facebook Tag 15 friends and get a minimum of 30 likes to the post Take a snapshot of the post and send […]

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