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Kirex Moto Customs – creates Karizma Cruiser

By Savio Tavadia / August 17, 2018

It is said that in its last incarnation lays its rise to extinction but nevertheless Hero Motocorp recently launched the Hero Karizma albeit in just two colors and a few “updates”. Over and above what it stands for, the engine of this motorcycle has held its praise from the motorcycling community be it the tourers or the motocross athletes. Some of them have actually used the Karizma engine to give the Impulse a boost of power and whether on the dirt track or the long drawn trials this combination is a match made in heaven.

Taking a cue of inspiration from the legends of motorcycling folklore we have Kirex moto customs back with their second build – a Hero Karizma. In the past we have seen the Karizma taken on different Avatars, this time for his second build Kirex Moto tunes this one time tourer to a cruiser. The customer wanted a motorcycle with relaxed ergonomics but also wanted the same powerful and reliable engine of the Karizma. I order to achieve this, the engine has been tuned according the new aftermarket air filter and free flow exhaust system to ensure optimum power at all times. By this process the power sees an increase dramatically and now one can be safely term the motorcycle as a “Power Cruiser”.

To keep in tunes with the cruiser concept, the fuel tank has been contoured and reshaped accordingly. By do so, the overall capacity of the fuel tank has been increased from the earlier 15 litres and now has a capacity to accomodate 17 litres of fuel. The plastic side panels have been replaced by are custom built metal ones to incorporate it in the overall themes. Also, the new air filter and the position of battery has been relocated in accordance to the new theme.

The rear section of the frame has been altered in order to accommodate a more laid back seating stance as compared to the stock seating position which is rather upright. The motorcycle also gets and all new custom made seat that is made of soft density foam which is used in the seats for motorcyclists who travel long distances more often. The standard bikini fairing has been done away and an aftermarket LED based headlight has been used to give the Karizma a rather retro look. Last but not the least to talk about, the footrest, seats and handlebars have been positioned to serve to purposes – using the motorcycling to cruise comfortably on rides long and short or to hit corners as per the rider’s mood and fancy.

All in all the motorcycle has been re-designed giving it not just a new form but also functionality while sticking to its roots – touring. While you are reading this article, the motorcycle is nearing completion and will soon be ready to embark on its next adventure, be it hitting apexes or just cruising down the highway.

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