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MAXIMUSPRO – Offline Navigation on the go

By Savio Tavadia / January 3, 2018



Launched at the India Bike Week in Goa last November, the MaximusPro is a product and service designed for bikers and by bikers as not only a navigation assistant but also a travel planner. Offering an Offline Navigation experience, the MaximusPro gives the user turn-by-turn directions even if there is no connectivity! In case you deviate from your planned route then you will receive approximate directions to return to your planned route, sounds interesting?



Well here’s how (Click on the link to see the demo)- It consists of smart Display which is Display Module that fits on the motorcycle handlebar and an additional hardware i.e. Connectivity Module that goes under your bike’s seat and all these powered by just a smartphone application i.e. MaximusPro App. MaximusPro provides navigation (powered by Google Maps) in a distraction free way on the Display Module. It has biker-to-biker connectivity which helps you to broadcast messages easily to your riding friends when you need help. MaximusPro also gives the expected time of arrival to the next stop for a planned ride on the Display Module.



Anti-theft and motorcycle battery alerts at the touch of a button


It also monitors the bike’s battery health and sends alerts before the battery dies out. It also ensures that your motorcycle is safe by detecting any unwanted movement and alerts you immediately in case of a possible theft attempt. The MaximusPro also allows you to share riding achievements with fellow riders. To ensure its reliability in all weather conditions and situations it has gone through test like vibration, drop, bump, temperature, climate and electromagnetic interference and conductance. The MaximusPro has passed ARAI inspection and all required tests for use on your motorcycle.    




  •  Android ( 6.0 and above )  and iOS  ( 10.0 and above ) compatible
  • Plan your ride in the application which allows you to choose the best route for your journey, add the Point of Interest in your journey i.e. add fuel pumps , hotels , restaurants etc.
  • Share your ride details with your biker group or with MaximusPro family.
  • Track riding achievements, win special stickers and flaunt it on social media.
  • Riders can share their location with friends and family for real time tracking.
  • Battery health monitoring
  • Theft prevention


The MAXIMUSPRO is available at a special introductory price of only Rs 12,999/- (MRP Rs 14,999/-  ) inclusive of GST, shipping and a two year subscription to the service. For further details and to visit their website www.maximuspro.com 




To purchase MaximusPro:


WhatsApp – 9158492411


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