Night Time Riding Tips – The Shadow rider

By Savio Tavadia / December 20, 2017

The current state of roads is inversely proportionate to the taxes paid by the average breadwinner. While at some places it may be at par with international standards elsewhere apathy is only a compliment. While some of you reading this would be able to meander through the planet mars and reflection of the moon’s surface while jumping of a set of speed breakers that would catapult the average Joe higher than an X games jumper, the rest would be glad to have reached the parking lot!

Taking a cue from this thought about the road conditions I began to observe patterns that formed. I did this while giving complete disregard to all the jargon on the internet so and simplify it for anyone. I made few observations that would prove helpful for those having difficulty, particularly at night – a time when the chances of missing a road hazard are at its peak. Even at times speed breaker is visible on a poorly lit or dark road because of nighttime reflectors or white stripes on it. What do you do in case the speed breaker is not visible?

It is easy to follow the pattern shadow formed by the obstacle. The longer the shadow, the bigger the speed breaker and the shorter it is, the nastier it is for the rims of your bike. It is no daunting task to make this observation; its best practised on a daily route during the night so as to be able to acclimatise oneself to riding the wave of darkness thus created. While this will require a few nights of travel on the same route it is advisable to memorize the location of the speed breakers so as to slow down or break well before time and go over the obstacle.


While still continuing with the series, shadow riding aims to throw light on those times when we ride sans natural illumination or in simple terms – sunlight. While today’s topic is synonymous with the term clarity of thought, there is no denying that even the slightest misunderstanding can turn the sweetest of relationships sour.

Today we will talk about the headlamps of our vehicles. Irrespective of the wattage even the slightest speck of dust can render the rider blind in poor light or heavy fog conditions. Not all of us park indoors nor live in surroundings that are dust free.  Once while riding back home on a clear yet dark night I realised that in areas of low lighting the high beam was not travelling as far as it should. Taking advantage of the riding glove’s fabric I lean forward and wiped the headlight. Lo behold, to my surprise the similar patches got significantly brighter. Nowadays, We certainly have more food on our plate than we can ask for in order to feed the ever-increasing appetite or our ambitions and careers so as to climb the rungs in our career and in doing so would then to ignore cleaning the head light of our two wheelers.

Also, please do ensure that while you may keep the visor up while you ride at times, it is clean before a ride out during or after sunset. With the visor down the dust that had settled inside will direct any light source on your eyes and take your attention off the road. I recommend that you clean not only the headlight but also the visor (preferably with a soft cloth) on both, the inner and out sides so as to avoid any light source to distract your attention when you are on the road.

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