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SJ4000 Waterproof Case – Now On-The-Go charging

For those of who have dreaded the thought how it would feel to have not captured that tight bend or a High Tower because the camera ran out of juice(battery), SJ Cam now comes with a standard accessory the SJ4000 Waterproof Case with On-The-Go charging cable which can be purchased from their website (Click here to visit the website ).

While the package we received did not come with any set of instructions it is really quite easy to set the waterproof case up.typically coming with provision only for charging and for accessing the HD output te user can chose which of the adapters to use. The socket on the other end attached to a single pin male socket that can be further attached to the3 cigarette lighter or UCB unit provided in the packaging. This comes as a boon for user who are on long rides or want maximum possible footage. the USB unit can terminate at a powerbank or to an onboard USB unit as well. While the pictures as pretty much self explanatory, care should be taken while attaching the adapter to the usb or cigarette lighter.



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