SOL SF 1 – A true solmate?

By Savio Tavadia / November 8, 2016


The SOL Helmet SF 1 is more to what the eye can see and makes for a true mate, one that keeps your soul where it should be – within (well at least for now). While on the hunt for a good touring helmet it became evident that the helmet should not only be comfortable and stylish but should also be functional.

The SOL became a sleeper hit amongst some of the members of the Naked Wolves India fraternity (for more on them: much to the likes of Wrangler Denims backed True Wanderer finalist Kusumakar Dwivedi whom sported a pristine white Sol lid and Preetam Bose who sported a black one during his Tour of India. With its contemporary yet subtlety chiselled out curves I figured that the Sols were lids to ride for.

While one of India’s leading stunt team also sports the SOLs during their events. Because they seemed to go off the shelves before they can arrive, an advance booking reserved my SOL.

The SOL SF1 helmet is a dual visor helmet with about 18 odd vents and an inbuilt hazard light.

Now the review:

  1.  The primary visor comprises of anti fog clear glass that also does its bit to keep the wheezing of the wind and the traffic decibel levels out.
  2. The inner visor is UV400 dark glass that is indeed a boon for those who tour during most part of the day. With the sun visor down it helped keep the heat out on all occasions.
  3. Yes the 3 modes (solid, slow & fast)of the hazard flasher indeed was an attention puller irrespective of the time of day.
  4. About in helmet comfort, it seems to bring in its fair share of noise, while on a recent interstate trip there was an odd whistling sound that kicked in whenever a look over the shoulder was required.
  5. In terms of wind deflection/resistance at top speed, since at the time of travel the wind resistance was minimal it was hard to tell.
  6. While riding at night early hours the use of a balaclava or similar apparel was required to keep out the gusts from causing a brain freeze.
  7. Last but not the least, the Double D ring strap takes some time getting used to however it does have a great fastening system.
  8. We are hunting for a sweet spot to mount a camera without interfering with its dynamics.


Needless to say that this was its second interstate outing and the few observations as mentioned above are purely based on real time use. Opinions as they say, are subject to change with time to come…

Rear View

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