The Motolethe – Yash Mohan Pawar

Yash Mohan Pawar at the starting grid - MRF Supercross

We would have heard,seen and probably in come rare cases met people who have come from the street light lit academics to the limelight and make it big in IITs, MNCs  and being picked up by names. Some of them so big that some of them have in some way fueled or have been responsible for the industrial revolution that has been, is and will drive the generations to come. From conglomerates to CEOs and men and women in uniform everyone has a story to tell.

Here we have the same story-line however this one has had a podium finish with many more to come. No, there is no so called ‘pun intended'(whatever that metaphor is supposed to mean), however this one is filled with dirt, grease and smoke.At the MRF Supercross championship held in December 2015 there was this lad who kept coming up on stage every now and then. He wasn’t part of the audience vying to meet a celebrity, the funny part is- the question the Anchor of this event asked,” what did you do (aspire to do) when you were 17?… Something pretty much on those lines.

At the age of 17 a lad from a very humble beginning is standing on a podium accepting his trophy (a few trophies) from Bollywood actor Boman Irani who himself shares a connection with the sport; motocross. Starting off from the gates to reach that podium at least twice had the lens of our team member quite busy. So what’s your story?? His father with the limited resources once decided to buy him a bike and played against the odds to save and get the basics through. From what is known about Yash, he indeed is a prodigy, and like other athletes, keeps his fitness regime in place while at the same time pursuing his formal education. With support pouring in from athletes and well wishers it wasn’t just a blip on the gas but practice dedication and love for the sport  it has brought Yash this far.


We do wish him all the very best and do thank our first “Motolethe” Mr. Vishal Sanghra for sharing this less known fact about him. No we as not just do a story here we want to leave a memoir for Yash. While at the same time letting parents know that Riding a bike is not limited to clipping corners on the streets and breaking the speedometer cable while whizzing past traffic. Its a lot more – it is family and a passion shared by the family. Also we would like to have the readers introspect and keep in mind that there is indeed family that awaits them while they are out on an adventure that involves a motorcycle.

Photo Credits: Gautam Prasad Scenamatix

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Savio Tavadia

Shreeji - February 10, 2016

Good yash……

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